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Seven Sins – Finished !

30 juin 2009

(click on the above book to view it in fullscreen)

Wow ! It's been a long and busy day. I have shot and retouched a few last pictures and designed the book layout with inDesign. By lack of time, I had to abandon some ideas I had initially planned, but overall I'm satisfied with the finished book. In the next few days, I will work on the french version of the book and will have it proofed and printed by a POD company (not sure which one yet).

You can have a look at the finished book either by clicking on the above flash animation, by visiting the issuu website or downloading the PDF file from my SoFoBoMo project page.

Some random statistics :

  • 10 wonderful models
  • 7 shooting sessions
  • 16h45mn total shooting time
  • 1282 photos shot
  • 47 pictures selected

I want to thank again my lovely models who have been so enthusiastic in front of my camera, who offered so many great expressions and put all their energy and talent into this project.

Thank you Gurky, Ma, Ptitmouce, Flo, Léo, Rathou, Greg, Julio, Chamo and Vomito !

Seven Sins – Take 6

25 juin 2009


The last shooting session of my SoFoBoMo project. I have managed to shoot almost all the scenes I had scheduled in six sessions. I have changed my mind for some ideas and didn't shoot them, but on the other hand my models have been so enthusiastic that they inspired me some fresh ideas while shooting.

We spent such good moments together and shared so many laughs that it's kind of sad to see this project almost over, but today's session was a fantastic last session. I had only a few images left to shoot today with Delphine and Adeline and they gathered all their energy to perform an extraordinary show in front of my camera. My studio strobes almost weren't recycling fast enough to capture all the silly, glamourous, funny, charming or weird expressions they had to offer. A really great moment !

Now for the editing, post-processing, compositing of the pictures and the layout of the book. The five days left until the end of the month will be quite busy, but I'm sure I can do it in time. Wish me good luck !

Adeline Adeline Adeline
Delphine Delphine Delphine
Delphine Adeline Delphine

Seven Sins – Take 5

24 juin 2009

Marion, Delfe, Jules, Florent - "Hard day’s night"

I love the title of this post. It reminds me Dave Brubeck Quartet's most famous jazz standard, Take Five, with its so uncommon five beats to the measure signature.

Today was the last scheduled shooting session, featuring Marion, Delphine, Florent and Jules. But we'll have a bonus session tomorrow to shoot some pictures we skipped last week. I was in a lazy mood day, and so were my models too. Maybe it is the sunny weather, or the end of exams for some of them, whatever the reason, we spent as much time chatting as shooting. But we managed to shoot all the scheduled pictures anyway.

Florent - "Playful guy" Marion, Delfe, Florent, Jules - "Whazza" Florent - "Is that all ?"

Seven Sins – Take 4

23 juin 2009

Jules - "Warholized"

A relaxed session today, with only two models and four scenes to shoot. Jules and Léo were both motivated and played their role so well that I didn't have to shoot long series before obtaining satisfying results. A flash-meter reading, a few adjustments in the poses, with the help of my faithful assistant Delphine, were enough to get the pictures I expected.

There's still some work to do on some of these images since they are intended to be part of a composite picture, and that's the fun part, because my models have to play with their virtual "partners" or imagine the environment they are supposed to be in.

Jules in "The lazy bartender" Léo in "Licensed to dry" Jules - "Musée Homme"

Seven Sins – Take 3

22 juin 2009

Marion - Wake-up call

It has been a long shooting day. I shot today's pictures as well as those initially scheduled on friday's session that was canceled. Because of a recent lack of sleep, I had a hard time keeping my brains at a normal working pace, and the first few shots were somewhat laborious. I had to try many lighting schemes before being satisfied with the resulting pictures. But later in the afternoon, things went better and easier.

I started the session indoors with Marion and Delphine, then Andreas for a few other shots, and finally Lucas and Ratheesan joined us in the evening for an outdoor session. We went to the center of Paris, near Notre-Dame and the Seine river, a quite nice environment for shooting evening portraits.

Shooting in busy public areas with such a furious team is an experience one has to live at least once in a lifetime ! We had a lot of fun shooting with weird props and making some anthology portraits with a fisheye lens.

Marion doesn´t like chocolate Andreas´ big mouth Ratheesan saw a flying Delfe
Delphine´s most beautiful smile Marion´s new haircut Lucas aka Chamo
Ratheesan the playboy Gargoyles of Notre-Dame Delfe, you shouldn´t machine-wash your jacket